Sunflower Hearts (Bakery Grade)


Hulled Sunflower

Loved by all birds.

These Sunflower Hearts are Top Quality  Bakery Grade. They are  the high energy centre  of the sunflower seed. All the goodness without the messy husks.

They have become the most popular straight food we sell over the last couple of years with both our customers and garden birds.

They appeal to a wide range of wild birds due to the high energy  content which is even higher than even the best peanuts at 550-600 calories per 100g

Loved by but not limited to the following:

Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Long-tailed, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Dunnock , Robins ,Great Spotted Woodpecker, Collared Dove, Wood Pigeon.

Can be:  Feeder, Table or Ground Feed.