About Us

Established way back in in 1973.

We started on Great Yarmouth Market in October 1973 on Wednesdays only, we soon added Saturdays by taking a “pitch”  that nobody wanted next to “Harold The Pitcher” who sold Capo de Monte figures and cheap dinner services.

Later in 1974 we a opened our first shop on Deneside (or Dene Side if you are at the South end). The shop is still there although it is no longer ours.

After a major adventure into Mail Order ( pre internet and ebay) in the 1980’s/90’s we returned to our roots and traded solely on local markets.

Great Yarmouth and Snetterton being our main outlets. Snetterton although once a major market in the area has now been dropped by us as the new bypass seems to have had a detrimental effect on trade there. Update – Its has now in fact closed.

This site is our new venture into modern selling.

It will initially be a Portal for local deliveries only.      Hopefully will go National in the near future.

Many thanks for visiting our site.

Jeff Platten