Chicken Oyster Shell Grit


Chicken Oyster Shell Grit


Chickens need seashell grit to produce eggs with harder and more attractive shells. This product gives layers all the calcium they need.

It is gradually released into the blood, where it is fully absorbed. Seashell grit dissolves 10 times more slowly than other calcium sources. Chalk or calcium gravel is virtually fully dissolved after 60 minutes. Seashell grit causes a higher, more consistent level of blood calcium.

Seashell grit is a product consisting of 96% calcium carbonate and is 100% digestible in-vitro. The grit results in harder, visually more attractive eggs and less cracked eggs. Naturally this means better profits.

At the same time seashell grit contains more minerals than calcium gravel or chalk. It is a natural product, won from the sea. Its coarse structure (up to 6 mm) allows the layer to pick selectively, so that it takes in grit in line with its need for calcium. Research has shown that this has a favourable effect on feed efficiency. Grit prevents over-feeding. Seashell grit is also popular because of its specific preventive action with regard to bone-weakness and is used to combat such disease. Layers fed with seashell grit lay longer and lay more eggs.

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