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Hokamix Bonies

A purely vegetable treat with only 2 % fat and low in calories. Healthy and tasty, also for dogs who gain weight easily. Besides grains Bonies contain herbs and marine algae with a positive influence on the body, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by products, spirulina, oils and fats.

Perfect ✔ for smaller dogs ✔ for prophylactic support at any age ✔ as a low-calorie reward (only 2 % fat) ✔ during breeding and training ✔ with seaweed (Spirulina)
Ingredients: cereals, herbal mixture (alfalfa, anise, stinging nettle, lady’s mantle, goldenrod, St. John’s wort, sweet flag, greater burdock, common lungwort, rosemary, horsetail, yarrow, heartsease), vegetables, plant by-products, seaweed (Spirulina), oils and fats
Direction for use Bonies: Puppies from 6 weeks of age ½ Bonie daily. Dogs of 5 kg and more 2 Bonies daily from 7 kg 3 Bonies daily from 10 kg 4 Bonies daily from 15 kg 6 Bonies daily from 20 kg 8 Bonies daily from 30 kg 12 Bonies daily size approx. 27 x 15 mm
(Believe me these smell good enough to eat yourself.)
rrp for a 400g pack is around 11 euros
Cheap enough to resell or share  out at your local dog training classes
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