Doson & Horrell Leisure Mix 20kg


Doson & Horrell Pasture Mix 20kg

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The high fibre, low starch mix specifically for horses and ponies that are in light work or at rest. Leisure Mix is 85% whole cereal grain free and the feed is fortified with our package of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and fibre to keep your horse or pony healthy.

Ideal for:
• Good doers at rest or in light work as Leisure Mix is based on a low calorie, low intake formula
• Horses and ponies on a high forage diet (grass/hay)
• Good doers, warmbloods, partbreds and natives who hold weight well
• Feeding to your horse or pony if you want a mix which is low in cereals
• Being fed with haylage too
• Fussy feeders as Leisure Mix is very palatable
• Providing vitamins and minerals that are missing from spring and summer grass

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